Become a Member of the DebtPayable Credit Reporting and Debt Recovery Service

DebtPayable understands that chasing payment can distract and take you away from your day to day business but also recognises that it is an important part of  staying viable.  The first step in minimising any future bad debt risk and increasing your bottom line is to become a member of the DebtPayable Community and carry out FREE credit checks on ALL credit applications.  As a member you will have access to a range of added benefits that DebtPayable is able to offer including the recovery of any of your outstanding and delinquent accounts, even those that you previously thought were uncollectable and are written off.  No matter how many or the size of the debts that you have, DebtPayable can help you get paid sooner.

As a member you will enjoy;

  • the ability to monitor the progress of your matters on-line 24 hours a day
  • real time updates and reports on your matters
  • access to our data
  • automatic monthly distributions direct into your bank account.

Joining is easy if you are a business with a current ABN, you will just need to complete our on-line Membership Registration Form.  We have an automatic validation process so you will need to enter your company or business  name exactly how it is registered with the Australian Business Registry.

Please be sure to read and accept our client service agreement and terms and conditions at the bottom of the form.

Your approval for membership is decided within minutes in most cases and definitely within no longer than 24 hours.

Once your membership application has been verified by the DebtPayable system, you will be sent a username and password to your nominated email address.   For security reasons we ask that you keep your username and password private and in a safe place.

In the near future you will be able to choose from several membership types which will provide you with the ability to choose a membership that best suits your business needs and further streamlines your credit reporting and debt recovery needs.

For further information on the many current benefits of becoming a member and the many future benefits of being a DebtPayable member, please go to the Member Login button on our home page and sign up today its free for a limited time only or if you have any other queries and would like one of our sales representatives to contact you, please email us at