Credit Reporting Services

DebtPayable provides credit providers with a cost effective means to recover bad debt and a new opportunity to recover previously written off bad debt. The services we provide help to free up resources, enhance cash flows and better structure the risk management processes of our clients.

Most businesses or individuals realise the frustration of chasing debts and the further frustration of having to give up on chasing debts which are not economical to pursue through the usual recovery processes. For the credit providing business individual debts may not be viable to pursue, however the accumulative affect can impact greatly on profits and service providing potential.

For the once-off credit provider, traditional solutions have proved inaccessible and the cost of alternative remedies beyond their means. By sourcing credit from individuals and small traders, unscrupulous dealers have been able to over commit on credit and commit financial fraud as they target sources of credit outside the credit reporting net. The once-off credit provider is exposed to potential loss with little or no avenue to assess risk or, once faced with a potential loss, little or no remedy or chance of recovery.

For those in the credit providing industry, whether it be large corporations or SME’s, this unreported credit infringement or bad debt has limited the ability of the industry to assess an individuals or businesses credit risk. While DebtPayable does not provide a full credit reporting function, it does supply credit providers with an effective credit assessment tool.

The fact that debt is listed on our Credit Reporting file provides our clients with an opportunity to recover debt of all sizes even those that which would normally have been given up on.