How DebtPayable Works

DebtPayable offers a fully automated comprehensive set of national credit reporting and debt recovery solutions for  the business community.

Designed to manage millions of bad debts for our clients and to provide an easy to use payment system for people who have debt, our solutions include:

  • A centralised database that incorporates and aggregates debt listings, credit reporting, publicly available data sources and verified community intelligence to quickly and cost effectively locate missing persons and property.
  • Online software solutions that increase collection staff effectiveness and capacity.
  • A Call Centre to assist clients with every aspect of the debt recovery process.
  • A variety of professional services to provide, or augment, the collection of outstanding debt.

DebtPayable solutions and services are beneficial to corporate clients, small to medium businesses, government agencies, debt collection agencies, debt buying agencies and individuals.

1. Become a Member

DebtPayable is all about keeping our member’s informed and providing them with greater insights.

By becoming a member of DebtPayable, you take the first step towards minimising bad debt write offs thus improving your bottom line.   Membership provides clients with an advantage as soon as they join and allows our client to start carrying out Free credit checks on All credit applications and immediately start listing all their bad debts.  There are many added benefits that DebtPayable is able to offer including the recovery of any of your outstanding and delinquent accounts, even those that you previously thought were uncollectable and have been written off.

Just complete our on-line Membership Form, it won’t take long, and approval for membership is decided within minutes.  Please be sure to take time to read our terms and conditions.

Once your membership application has been verified, you will be sent a username and password via the email address you have provided.  For security reasons we ask that you keep your username and password private and in a safe place.

For further information on the many benefits of becoming a member and the future benefits of being a DebtPayable member, please have a look around our website and then go to Become a Member and sign up today as membership is free for a limited time only.

We are confident that you will be immediately impressed with our service and are more than confident that our system will be able to provide you with instant access to the sort of information you need to make an informed decision and to recover your money, no matter how small or old that debt is.

2. List your Bad Debts on our Credit Reporting Database

As soon as you have received your username and password, you can log in through our secure Member Login and carry out FREE credit checks and start listing all your bad debts.

You simply need to fill out and complete our Listing Application form and attach your proof of debt documents as required.

Again, please don’t forget to read and agree to our terms and conditions.

3. Recovery

Once all the information has been received, the recovery process can start.

If the debtor chooses to ignore our phone calls, field calls and or letters and not make payment,  then they will be listed on the DebtPayable® credit reporting website for all businesses in Australia that are members to see when a free credit check is carried out.

The debtor, depending on the information you provide us, is listed under either;

  • Unpaid Debt Listing which is where the person or business listed has a debt that remains outstanding despite all reasonable opportunity being provided to the debtor to make payment or payment arrangements and the person or  business still resides at the address our client has on file.
  • Skipped Listing which is where the person or business listed has a debt that remains  outstanding to our client and has failed to notify our client of their change of address.  The debtor may have provided a false address, intentionally withheld their change of address in order to avoid payment or have simply moved and overlooked the need to notify our client.

Members may view the status of their collections and receive updates on their matter in real time via our secure online portal system.

4. Payment

As soon as the debtor becomes aware that we are looking to recover monies on your behalf, they can at any time choose to settle the matter and suspend the listing by making payment.  Payments and arrangements for payment can be made on-line through our Make A Payment site by credit card.  Our site also provides them with various other options by which they can make payment; such as by direct debit into our trust account.  Monies recovered on your behalf are deposited directly every month into your nominated account  less any fees and or charges.

5. Credit Reporting Services

One of the benefits you receive by becoming a Member of Debtpayable is FREE Credit Checks which will result in a  reduction of any potential risk and help give you an edge in today’s sometimes tough economic climate.

If you are considering providing any type of credit, a quick search of the DebtPayable credit reporting database provides you with a better insight as to whether or not you approve a credit application to any individual or any business that may come up as recorded under either an Unpaid Debt Listing or Skipped Listing.

If the person or business is  listed with us you are immediately alerted to a potential loss situation.   This information allows you to make an informed decision and you can either reject the application for credit or further question the applicant and draw their attention to the DebtPayable Listing.

In turn, this provides our members with an opportunity to recover a bad debt as is now makes it hard for that debtor to ignore and brings to their attention that the debt is still being sought and it is listed.  This will encourage them back to DebtPayable website where they can make payment in full on-line or make payment arrangements.

As part of the DebtPayable Community you are now in a position to assist other members and they can assist you.  If you were considering approving a listed individual debtor or a listed business’s credit application, then our client can make that approval on the condition that the Unpaid Debt Listing or Skipped Listing is dealt with by the debtor and removed.   By bringing the Debt or Skipped Listing to the debtor’s attention our clients are able to encourage them to pay or remind them that payment of the debt is still  being sought.   It could be that the individual or business may have simply forgotten to pay the debt, been unable to pay the debt at the time as they were for example unemployed and now have gained employment, or it maybe that the debtor simply forgot to notify our client of a new address and had no real intent of not paying their account.   Let’s face it the reason as to why this unpaid debt was not paid is not important, what is important is that the client that placed this listing is paid.   This is why we encourage you to use our listing service and to bring it to the attention of the debtor.

Searching the listings of the Credit Reporting database can be conducted once membership has been approved.

One of the long term benefits of utilising this free service is that overtime we expect ALL businesses in Australia will be listing their unrecovered bad debts.

Further information can be found at Credit Reporting.

6. How To Remove a Unpaid Debt Listing or a Skipped Listing

In order for the debtor to remove an Unpaid Debt or Skipped Listing they need to either pay the debt in full and as soon as this is done and the funds become clear funds the listing is removed.   If the debtor cannot afford to pay the debt in full but believes they can put forward a reasonable payment arrangement and then maintain it, they have the opportunity to do so and if our member is satisfied with that payment arrangement then the listing is suspended while those payments are maintained.  If however the debtor misses just one payment arrangement, then automatically, the Unpaid Debt Listing is re-activated  for every business in Australia to see if the debtor completes a credit application with any of our members.

7. Debt Recovery Services

DebtPayable offers collection services which can be utilised by the client to work hand in hand with its Unpaid Debt Listing services providing clients with a complete end-to-end debt collection solution.

Collection services can be provided on a fee for service basis, or a fee for success basis and are dependent on the type of requirements our members have.  Monies collected on behalf of members are managed through our fully integrated trust account management module.

For further information on our Debt Recovery Services please go to Debt Recovery and Field Services.

8. Debt Collection Companies, Corporates and Government Departments

DebtPayable has been specifically designed to work hand in hand with other debt collection and debt buying companies as well as corporate organisations and government departments that have their own in-house collection department.

We offer a fully automated system which will not only increase recoveries for them and their clients, but it also allows their Collection Department to increase productivity 10 fold without the need to increase its labour cost.

Please email us at and we will be more than happy to come out and see you and discuss our services with you in detail.

Should you have any further queries that you have not been able to find answers to on our website or  if you would like to discuss our services further please email us at

9.  Protection of your Data

We ensure the protection of our data and yours with an 2048 encryption Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This scrambles the data, making it unreadable by third parties. It does this by:

  • Server authentication:   The web server sends a digital certificate to your computer so you can be sure of its identity
  • Client authentication:   Your computer in turn authenticates itself to the server by showing its digital signature
  • Encryption connection:   During the internet connection, data is encrypted (scrambled) so that only your computer and the web server can understand the contents. This prevents other internet users from intercepting the information sent between you and the web server.