List a Bad Debt

There are a vast and growing number of civil defaulters who fall into a category of being too small to worry about and too hard to pursue and locate and recover from.

For example, if a company is pursuing a debt of less than $1,000 and cannot immediately find the debtor, chances are that the debt will be written off as being too costly to recover.

For businesses and individuals alike, the high cost of debt recovery erodes profitability and unquestionably affects morale.  Invariably, the cost is passed on to consumers through increased charges or reduced services.  If a business operates on a profit margin of 10% it will need to bring in $1,000 in new business to recover from the loss of $100 in bad debt or stolen property.  For many small businesses the cost of unpaid or “bad” debt can mean the difference between viability and closure.

Finding any significant volume of information cost effectively and in one site can make the difference between massive accumulated write-offs and massive recoveries.

We know only too well the frustration and cost of bad debt.

So the question to ask yourself is, for $45 and a Listing which possibly could last up to 10 years or until the matter is resolved, would I List someone who owed me money and refused to pay or  if someone owed me money and I could not locate him or her, would I List someone so every business in Australia could see it free of charge?

If your answer is yes then Welcome to DebtPayable.

DebtPayable offers an affordable, efficient, highly accessible, technology-driven Unpaid Debt Listing service for recovering debt and in Stage 2 locating people or property.  The service being provided by DebtPayable makes it cost effective for our members to recover even the smallest of debts.  Debts as low as $20 have proved cost effective to recover utilising our fully automated credit check and debt collection system.

The unprecedented reach of the Internet, together with the ability for a debtor to now go to the DebtPayable website or phone our office and make a payment or payment arrangement are only two of the significant factors in the future success of the DebtPayable concept.

By simply becoming a member and for a very limited time only we are offering free memberships to businesses, you can place as many Unpaid Debt Listings as you like.  Fees and charges will be deducted from any monies collected.

All fees and charges are deducted from monies collected – so no recovery of your monies – no cost to you, there are no upfront charges – it’s that simple.

If you have in excess of 20 bad debts to list, then contact us at  Let us know the number of bad debts you would like to list, the type of debt it is, for example credit card debt, the age of debt (nothing over 7 years old) and we will have our IT personnel contact you and set up direct data transfer.

You will still need to register as a member first.

Once you have placed an Unpaid Debt Listing with us it remains on our Credit Reporting data base for up to 10 years or until the debtor settles the matter in a satisfactory manner.

The objective of an Unpaid Debt Listing on the DebtPayable Credit Reporting website is to encourage the debtor to reconsider their position and then pay their debts no matter how old or how small that debt is.

The reason the debtor may now reconsider their position is because they will quickly realise that every business in Australia that becomes a member of DebtPayable can now carry out free credit checks when considering extending any individual or business credit.

So no matter where these debtors go over time it will become more and more difficult to obtain credit until they pay your debt or make satisfactorily payment arrangements.

As a member you are able to log into DebtPayable and check on the progress of your recovery files and if need be you can also add instructions to that Unpaid Debt Listing.

As we collect your money, and every 30 days we will direct deposit your money directly into your nominated account and supply you with a detailed report in real time, stipulating who we collected from, how much and where we are at with the rest of your matters.

ALL FOR FREE if you join now.

Our Competitive Edge – The Power to Locate

One of the greatest frustrations in the recovery of bad debt is the inability to locate debtors through high cost, the lack of resources and unreliable information.  One of DebtPayable’s points of difference soon will be our ability to locate missing debtors and their property cost effectively.  No other system can match our power to locate people and property.

So here is another incentive to list all your bad debts because even if they have ‘skipped’ or left the last known address you have for them, we will be able to locate them for you.

If you list all your bad debts now even those that are no longer at the last known address, we will also manage this aspect when we roll out this service at no upfront cost to you.  The benefit to you is that we provide you a very cost effective solution where you may  otherwise have been limited in your own capabilities and resources.

Retrospective Recovery

The software we have developed is fully automated and manages the 3 separate functions of collection, credit reporting and payments as one.

No other business system will compete on price with DebtPayable’s ability to recover on previously abandoned matters.

The price advantage and power of the DebtPayable’s system allows our members to now manage their previously abandoned matters for a low investment in terms of both time and money.

So your written-off debts of between 3 to 7 years of age again can now be Listed and why wouldn’t you, it’s going to cost you nothing up front to List them and if we collect we will deduct our fees and charges from the money collected.

DebtPayable has just rolled out stage one of our Credit Check and Debt Recovery service.  As part of stage one and for a limited time only, we are allowing businesses that have outstanding or written off debt to, free of any charge, become a member of DebtPayable.

Once a membership has been approved and a username and password supplied then our members can start Listing all their bad debts with us.

We recommend that you take advantage of the free membership now and reap the benefits of the marketing campaign we are about to launch when we will be inviting ALL businesses in Australia to become members for a short time free of charge so they then can carry out FREE credit checks on all credit applications that are submitted to them.

Whether it be one or one million credit applications a year that you process, we will be allowing our members to run all those credit applications through our credit checking system.

The benefits are that if you List all your outstanding debts then the likelihood of recovery is increased because if for example, the banks see that the applicant owes someone money the possibility of them approving any credit application is greatly reduced until that person at least settles the account that’s listed with DebtPayable.

Whenever any other business in Australia that from here on in carries out a free credit check with DebtPayable they inadvertently help you recover your debt by bringing it to the attention of the debtor as the reason for them knocking  back any business or individual credit application.

We therefore suggest that you take this chance to capitalise on the opportunity to have all your bad debts listed with us now to be ready for DebtPayable to  roll out Stage 2 within the next 6 weeks and that is allowing ALL businesses to start carrying out free credit checks.