Partners Wanted

At DebtPayable we are continuously looking for Business Partners to join us in our Future Directions.

We have designed the iManager™ System with the intention of working with other Debt Collection agencies, Debt Buying agencies and Corporate and Government agencies who have their own in-house collection departments and who are looking to improve their services.

For a limited time only, anyone that partners with us will not be charged any upfront costs, there are no license fees to pay, so whether you have a 2 seat operation or a 500 seat call centre you will be able to utilise our iManager™ System without having to pay any upfront fees.

The iManager System allows your collection staff to manage up to 10 times the average case load, this will not only improve productivity and profit but also deliver a significant labour cost saving to your company.

iManager allows you to grow your business 10 fold without the need to employ any additional staff or invest in expensive technology, plant and equipment.

iManager has been designed to eliminate the more mundane, repetitive tasks done by a Collection Officer and as a result, we have been able to increase productivity by fully automating 80% of what a Collection Officer would routinely do when managing a collection file.  This, together with the DebtPayable concept, is designed to encourage the debtor to take responsibility for the payment of the debt he or she has incurred.  We truly believe that we have produced a system that will change the way collections are managed in the future by  companies that make outbound calls and receive inbound calls.

The high exposure of DebtPayable and the willingness of credit providers to utilise its free credit report search facility prior to approving any type of credit application makes DebtPayable and in turn your company’s position even stronger when it comes to the recovery of outstanding monies.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Partner of DebtPayable please complete our Expression of Interest form.

Due to the confidential nature of our business in addition to the Expression of Interest you will be required to complete a Non-disclosure Agreement which will emailed to you on receipt of your expression of interest.