The biggest marketing challenge in the 21st century “…will be the identification or creation of a need that people might have and actually fulfilling that need. I don’t think people are going to have a clue about what they want going forward, and it will be up to marketers to understand where the opportunities are and then actually create a need and a product that fulfils it.” (Source; Tim Salt, National Marketing Director at brewer Lion Nathan as quoted in Business Review Weekly Vol 22 No 33)

At DebtPayable we have recognised such a need and have provided a solution. Our solution will create the need and the product that fulfils it…..and the simple solution will be to list all your Bad Debts and give debtors no choice but to take responsibility for payment of their debts.   Become a member now and start recovering what is rightfully yours. Click Here to become a member.

Our Organisation

DebtPayable offers an innovative and comprehensive new strategy for debt recovery, credit reporting and the investigative service industries.

The DebtPayable team is comprised of dedicated members in all areas of operations, from our client service consultants at the face of our business, to IT specialists as well as our experts in the areas of debt recovery, skip tracing, law, audit, finance and investigation.

Our board, our professional support staff and our management staff all complete the DebtPayable® team.

Our Beginnings

We conceived a vision by which the debt collection, credit reporting and investigation industry could utilise the internet to the advantage of the business and general community. We commenced putting that vision into place when we fully developed the idea and strategic business plan for DebtPayable.

With practical vision and a wealth of experience, we recruited a team of highly specialised individuals from law enforcement and traditional agencies together with programmers and analysts to complement the highly sophisticated technology utilised by DebtPayable.

The Right Stuff

The vision for DebtPayable’s business reach quite accurately reflects the thoughts of Bill Glynn, one of the world’s most influential innovators and organisational minds. As a business it must and does have…… Real Technology…… a Dominant Product or Service and…… a Major Market Opportunity.
It also has as Bill Glynn demands, ‘…….gauged the market’s future with an understanding of the core offering.’ (Source: Left on Red, How to Ignite, Leverage, and Build Visionary Organisations. Published 2008)