Credit checks
& reporting

DebtPayable, through our credit reporting platform iManager, provides our members with an easily accessible and effective credit assessment tool. Our services are designed to assist members with risk management processes in assessing a customer's potential credit. Helping to free up resources, enhance cash flows and better structure the risk management processes of our Members.

Our services cater to, and can be used by, large or small credit providing businesses  as well as the once off provider. Ensuring shady dealers can no longer over-commit on credit and commit financial fraud upon our Members that fall outside the traditional credit reporting net.

In addition to our Credit Reporting service, DebtPayable can conduct a full financial investigation, tailored to your specific needs, to establish an individual's, or company's, entire credit history.

Our thorough investigations can include bankruptcy searches, land title searches, credit payment history checks, trade payment performance, current or previous court actions searches, and whether any judgement have been recorded.

In the case of a company we take our investigations further, establishing how long a company has been trading, the number of employees, the overall corporate structure, and whether or not the business principals are directors of any other companies. We also investigate the business principal’s qualifications, industry experience and standing. We also include the director's, or principal's, personal assets and liabilities.

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