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DebtPayable offers a fully automated reporting system, with a comprehensive set of national credit reporting and debt recovery solutions for the business community.

Our iManager system has been designed to manage millions of bad debts for our clients and to provide an easy to use payment portal for people who have debt. 


Our solutions include:

  • A centralised database that incorporates and aggregates debt listings, credit reporting, publicly available data sources, and verified community intelligence to quickly and cost-effectively locate missing persons and property.

  • Online software that increases collection staff effectiveness, efficiency and capacity.

  • local call centre to assist members and debtors with every aspect of the debt recovery process.

  • A variety of professional services to provide, or augment, the collection of outstanding debt.

  • DebtPayable solutions and services are beneficial to corporate clients, small to medium businesses, government agencies, debt collection agencies, debt buying agencies and individuals.

DebtPayable and the iManager system is focused on keeping clients informed throughout the debt recovery process and providing them with greater insight into potential customers. By becoming a Member of DebtPayable, you take the first step towards minimising bad debt write offs, helping you to improve your bottom line.

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Membership with DebtPayable provides you with an immediate advantage. As soon as you join, you can utilise FREE credit checks on all credit applications and immediately start listing all your company outstanding debts. Even those you previously thought were uncollectable and have written off.


DebtPayable membership is free, just complete our online Membership Form, it won't take long, and approval is decided within minutes. Once your membership application has been verified, you will be sent a username and password via the email address you provide.


We are confident that you will be impressed with our service and are more confident that our system will be able to provide you with instant access to the information you need to make an informed decision to recover your money, no matter how small or old that debt is.

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