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At DebtPayable, we are determined to offer our clients the very best in customer service. To help us provide this service, you will first need to become a Member of DebtPayable by filling out our Membership Form. Membership approval is decided within minutes and you will be sent log in details to our iManager system.

Upon access you can notify us on your matter by completing our Listing Form, highlighting your required services, and providing all relevant information.

Relevant information includes proof of the debt, such as a contract or sales invoice, together with any other documents, or information that you may have regarding your matter.

You do not have to List the debtor on our Credit Reporting website. DebtPayable has the flexibility to apply any of our comprehensive range of services including:

  • Debt collection

  • Locations

  • Recovery of encumbered or secured items

  • Process serving separately to work within your unique business parameters.

Once your instructions are received and verified, DebtPayable actions your matter within hours.


If you would like to speak to someone prior to providing us with your instructions, please email us at and we will contact you within one business day.

Continue below to see what DebtPayable can offer you.

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We have over 38 years experience


Credit Checks & Reporting

DebtPayable, through our credit reporting platform iManager, provides our members with an easily accessible and effective credit assessment tool. Our services are designed to assist members with risk management processes in assessing a customer's potential credit. Helping to free up resources, enhance cash flows and better structure the risk management processes of our Members.

Our services cater to, and can be used by, large or small credit providing businesses  as well as the once off provider. Ensuring shady dealers can no longer over-commit on credit and commit financial fraud upon our Members that fall outside the traditional credit reporting net.

In addition to our Credit Reporting service, DebtPayable can conduct a full financial investigation, tailored to your specific needs, to establish an individual's, or company's, entire credit history.

Our thorough investigations can include bankruptcy searches, land title searches, credit payment history checks, trade payment performance, current or previous court actions searches, and whether any judgement have been recorded.

In the case of a company we take our investigations further, establishing how long a company has been trading, the number of employees, the overall corporate structure, and whether or not the business principals are directors of any other companies. We also investigate the business principal’s qualifications, industry experience and standing. We also include the director's, or principal's, personal assets and liabilities.

Debt Recovery

DebtPayable is able to provide our clients with a simple and effective approach to collecting debts. Our experienced collections officers utilise direct telephone contact together with targeted harmony in the recovery of current and written off debt.


We pride ourselves on being able to cost effectively collect current and old debt. Our system and skilled collections officers work with a debtor's current circumstances to ensure your matter is resolved.

Our system and collections officers are regularly updated regarding all applicable laws and regulations. Our staff employ highly effective techniques in the collection and negotiation of debt, financial counselling, and dispute resolution. We also employ multi-lingual staff to ensure the ability to collect from non-English speaking debtors.


Field Calls

DebtPayable is able to conduct field calls Australia wide in both metropolitan and country areas. As representatives of our client we pride ourselves on our excellent standard of service and care in protecting the good will and reputation of our clients.

As part of the field call we automatically update the debtors details including current contact details and employment status. We also gain an overall view of the debtor’s living and financial circumstances, and note any relevant information that may assist our client with regard to collection of the debt.

We can also provide a broad report on the outcome of the field call, together with all relevant information, and a recommendation for future action if necessary.


Receivables Management

Our commitment to providing our members with the very best in customer service and continued service allows them to reduce their liabilities. DebtPayable has developed a Receivables Management facility.

Our pre-collection phase focuses on the timely payment of accounts. This assists to increase our members’ cash flow, saving our members time and costs, and continued effort to reduce loss of income through non-payment of accounts.


Skip Tracing


DebtPayable's system, iManager, is tailored to provide passive or active location services. We have a specialised skip tracing department that thrives on locating the most evasive persons.

We will use any information you already have and can customise our service in order to cost effectively locate and identify the correct person, business, or security.

Our professional skip tracing agents have a 90% success rate.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our client's needs by providing timely location of debtors, or security, together with broad reports.

Legal Proceedings

In the event legal action is necessary for the collection of debt, DebtPayable is able to assist you to draw up a claim, file with the appropriate court, and serve the relevant parties.

We can also attend court with you, or if we are your account manager, we can appear on your companies behalf.

If required, we can engage solicitors to handle your claim and represent you in court. DebtPayable can work with solicitors to continue managing the recovery process.



DebtPayable can carry out the repossession of any type of security in South Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory in both metropolitan and country areas.

We pride ourselves on being able to locate and repossess from some of the most difficult and evasive individuals and are specialised in locating those persons or the security.

If the security is a vehicle we provide a full Vehicle Condition Report, with photos, and confirm that the security is registered and the insurance cover is appropriate and current.

We provide clients with notification within three hours of the security being repossessed. We also produce a detailed report of all relevant information, including a recommendation for any future action.  

Warrant of Distraint

Within South Australia, DebtPayable can provide the notice and enforcement of Warrants of Distraint in relation to commercial leases. A Warrant of Distraint provides a means, through the seizure of goods, for the collection of rent in arrears.

We always search the Personal Property Securities Register regarding any distrained, ensuring that there are no other interests registered. Our experienced agents take photos and compile a detailed inventory of all goods located on the premises. A copy of the inventory is then provided to the client and the tenant.

After five business days, if the tenant has not resolved the rent in arrears, we will organise for the auction of the distrained goods in order to recover the monies owed.


Mortgage Recovery

DebtPayable provides Mortgage Recovery Services to residential, industrial, commercial and rural properties as well as vacant land.

We provide a complete tailored service which includes organising a locksmith, skip bins, removalists, the storage of goods and if needed, accommodation for customers.

As part of our service a detailed report of the property is made, including photos of both inside and outside, and an inventory of any goods and chattels.

Most importantly we always ensure that customers are treated with compassion and dignity throughout the process.



Surveillance Camera
Investigation & Surveillance

DebtPayable have over 30 years’ experience in the Investigations and Debt Collection Industry and have successfully managed some of the largest cases in SA.

We are able to privately investigate any matter and compile briefs to work with your lawyers, or the Police.


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