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All Australians share responsibility for our national security, including a capable and resilient Australian Defence Force with permanent and reserve components. As responsible corporate citizens, we pledge support to our employees/students who serve our nation as Australian Defence Force Reservists, and to provide the leave required for their service obligations.

Welcome to DebtPayable

The biggest marketing challenge in the 21st century "....will be the identification or creation of a need that people might have and actually filling that need." (Source: Tim Salt, National Marketing Director at brewer Lion Nathan as quoted in Business Review Weekly Vol 22 No 33)
    At DebtPayable we have recognised such a need and have provided a solution.

How it Works

Designed to manage millions of bad debts for our clients and provide an easy to use payment system for people who have debt. Our solutions include:
  • A centralised database that incorporates and aggregates debt listings, credit reporting, publicly available data sources and verified community intelligence to quickly and cost effectively locate missing persons and property.
  • Online software solutions that increase collection staff effectiveness and capacity
  • A Call Centre to assist clients with every aspect of the debt recovery process
  • A variety of professional services to provide, or augment, the collection of outstanding debt.
  • DebtPayable solutions and services are beneficial to corporate clients, small to medium businesses, government agencies, debt collection agencies, and individuals.

Debt Recovery

DebtPayable is committed to providing a low cost method of debt collection aimed at not only decreasing the cost of recovery of current bad debt, but also to provide a cost effective solution to the recovery of bad debts previously written-off. DebtPayable is able to provide clients with a complete end-to-end debt collection solution.

How to Instruct Us

DebtPayable's comprehensive service includes debt collection, locations, the recovery of encumbered or secured items and process serving. Based on your individual needs DebtPayable has the flexibility to fit and work within your individual business parameters. You just need to become a Member and instruct us and we will take care of the rest.

Partners Wanted

At DebtPayable we are continuously looking for Business Partners to join us in our Future Directions. The e-commerce standard is about business doing business over the internet. It is more than a website that present an online brochure about your business, it is about delivering real benefits to you and your customers. For a limited time only, anyone that partners with us will not be charged any upfront costs.