Credit Reporting

DebtPayable is a company which provides credit reporting, debt collection and skip tracing services.  As part of our debt recovery services, we provide credit reporting to eligible clients.

Those accessing our information should appreciate that;

  • The content of our website in relation to debtors is limited to debtors of our clients.
  • We do not provide any debt history of a debtor and the extent or detail of the debt is not shown.
  • Once a person has paid or made arrangements for payment which are suitable to our client, their name will not appear on our website even though they may still be in debt.

The primary purpose of our debt recovery listings is to locate debtors and recover debts on behalf of our clients. The secondary purpose is the use of this site in assessing a person’s eligibility to be provided with credit or capacity to repay credit.

Anyone accessing a debt related section of this site must agree to use the information in compliance with lawful purposes in compliance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Access.

If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that a person has been using or attempting to use our information for unlawful purposes, we will take action to prevent them from accessing this website in the future and will hold them liable for any loss or damage to us arising out of such use.

For further information on our credit reporting policy please click below.

credit reporting policies and information – businesses

credit reporting policies and information – individuals

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