Debt Recovery

DebtPayable is committed to providing our clients with a simple and effective approach when dealing with collecting debts.  We provide our clients with a low cost method of debt collection aimed at not only decreasing the cost of recovery of current bad debt, but also provide a cost effective solution to the recovery of bad debts previously written-off.

Government departments, corporate clients, small to medium businesses, debt buyers as well other debt collection companies are able to benefit from our services.

By utilising our Debt Management System, designed to work hand in hand with our credit reporting listing services, we are able to provide clients with a complete end-to-end debt collection solution.

The DebtPayable Debt Management System provides clients with complete flexibility in the way they conduct business enabling users to login to the application and action their cases through a secure site from any location with access to the Internet.

DebtPayable is about the way our client wants to do business, enabling the client to set the business rules and parameters.

If someone owed you or your client money and would not pay, list it so that every other credit provider can see the listing free of charge.  This listing may have the effect of compromising someone’s ability to obtain future credit, thus encouraging the debtor to come back to you and pay the debt they owe.  We believe that this is the only way the debtor, who for whatever reason is not paying, whether it be that they have simply neglected to or felt unable to meet a financial commitment or are simply trying to avoid payment, is ever going to feel any type of pressure to make payment of the debt.

If our members want us to manage the full debt recovery process then we are well equipped to do so. Recovery and payment options are offered to our client and can include telephone collection services, field calls, repossession and skip tracing services as well as legal recovery services.

We provide real time reporting, automated reports, online case management, real time invoicing and provide complete automation of the trust accounting process.  All monies are deposited and controlled through our trust account with payments cleared on a monthly basis.

DebtPayable has invested heavily in the development of recovery tools aimed to make the recovery of even the smallest of debts cost effective to our client.  By using our software our clients are able to act swiftly in recognising any potential loss and in commencing the collection process.

To help us in providing a cost effective service and to deliver the best possible outcome, we suggest that our clients amend their invoices and statements to include the following;

Please note:   Notification of  your failure to pay this account will be forwarded to DebtPayable, Credit Reporting & Collection Agency.  If this is necessary then you will be responsible for the payment of any additional charges arising from this service.   

Should you be interested in further information about our services or our Debt Management System, please email us at and one of our sales team will contact you.