Skip Tracing

Locating missing debtors is also known as Skip Tracing. DebtPayable is working towards a specailist department in skip tracing to compliment our credit reporting and debt collection services.

Our skip tracers will undergo a comprehensive training course prior to commencement and have all the tools at hand to provide effective skip tracing services. Their role will be to locate debtors not only Australia wide but worldwide.  Such is our confidence in our potential location abilities that we work on a no find/no fee basis.

Our client’s needs all differ and as a result of our commitment to providing our clients with the service they expect, DebtPayable will be providing both active and passive location services for missing debtors.

Active Location Enquiries:  an active location process based on a fee if successful where  one of our trained staff members actively conducts enquiries into the debtor’s whereabouts.

Passive Location – Skipped Listing:  a passive location process where our client pays a listing fee and a commission but only when we have found the debtor and they have started paying off their debt.

Listings are just one tool employed in the location process and while they may be used in conjunction with investigation based locations they can be an alternative to active  location enquiries.

This part of our service will be available very soon.