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We take the frustration out of debt recovery.

At DebtPayable we are committed to providing a comprehensive,

 low-cost debt collection service


We aim to not only decrease the cost of recovery for current defaulters but to also provide a cost effective solution for the recovery of bad debts previously written off

We have over 35 years experience, a dedicated team and a plethora of industry tools, softwares and systems at our disposal to assist in recovering your debts.

Our No Collection, No Fee Guarantee means reclaiming what is rightfully yours is a risk free decision.

Our Services


How we can help




Efficient, cost-effective, debt recovery for clients of all sizes and needs. From corporate to small business, government to individuals.




Field calls are conducted when debt recovery cannot be satisfactorily achieved by letter or telephone. We conduct field calls Australia wide in both metropolitan and country areas.


Mortgage Recovery

This service is suitable for residential, industrial, commercial and rural properties as well as vacant land. Our uniquely tailored service includes attending occupancy checks, serving of default notices, rent re-direction notices and notices to vacate.




Our team use both active and passive location services to track and trace missing debtors. All with a No Find, No Fee Guarantee.


Legal Proceedings

If all other options have been unsuccessful, our team are able to offer assistance and guidance with legal proceedings in the Adelaide Magistrates Court and QCAT.


Receivables Management

Our pre-collection phase focuses on timely payment of accounts to increase members cash flow and save time and money in an ongoing effort to reduce loss of income through non-payment of accounts. 


Credit Reporting

Our credit assessment tool assists members with risk management processes to determine an individuals potential credit ability. 



Repossessions are conducted Australia wide, in metro and country areas, when arrears cannot be satisfactorily collected by other means  or when prior collection field calls have proved fruitless. 


Warrant of Distraint - SA

Within South Australia, we provide the notice and enforcement of Warrants of Distraint in relation to commercial leases. Providing a means, through seizure of goods, for collection of rent in arrears. 


“The DebtPayable system is so easy to use and it has allowed us to collect bad debts that we never thought possible, plus I can focus on running the business properly”

Josiah Lifshack


24 Hour Fitness

Find out how DebtPayable can save you time so you can focus on the things that matter.

Our 4 Step Process


Get in touch

Become a member today to get instant access to our sophisticated members area and begin inputting your debts for our team to review.


Get in touch with our administration team to find out more about how we can help. Before each recovery process can begin we have a flat $45* administration fee. 

Tell us more

The next stage is about investigating. You will work with our team to let us know about the debt you are looking to recover.

We investigate as much as we can to devise the most effective plan to get your money back.



Our team get to work

Now it is time for our experience to shine! We will begin our process to recover your debt using our unique and strategic methods, honed over 30 years.

Informing you along the way of the steps, outcomes, and progress. Our goal is to help you recover what is rightfully yours.

We recover your debt 

Or there is no fee. We are confident that our tried and tested methods for debt recovery will help you get back what belongs to you.

For whatever reason if we are unsuccessful, you can feel safe knowing there will be no extra fees.


*subject to GST and our Terms & Conditions


The DebtPayable Difference

Typing on Laptop

DebtPayable has developed a unique proprietary software solution utilised by all aspects of our business including clients, collection staff, field officers, legal staff, management and debtors.


It has been designed to keep clients informed throughout the debt recovery process, allowing for client engagement and communication at any time.


Our comprehensive integrated system allows our members to quickly and simply load a new case direct to our collection staff from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. 


Once a case is loaded onto the DebtPayable system our complete service will begin. Including: debt collection, locating, the recovery of encumbered or secured items, and process serving.


We will work with you to develop a plan  based on your unique needs and situation. Be assured DebtPayable has the flexibility to fit and work within your unique business parameters, supporting you in achieving the optimum outcome.


Become a member today and start collecting what rightfully belongs to you.

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