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At DebtPayable we are committed to providing a comprehensive low cost debt collection service. We aim to not only decrease the cost of recovery for current deafaulters, but also aim to provide a cost effective solution to the recovery of bad debts previously written off.

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Our Services

Debt Recovery

DebtPayable has invested heavily in the development of recovery tools and techniques to ensure any size debt is cost effective to collect for our client. Our services cater to and benefit corporate clients, small to medium business, government departments, debt collection agencies and individuals.

Skip Tracing

With our unique no find/no fee promise DebtPayable provides both active and passive location services for missing debtors.

Field calls

DebtPayable is able to conduct field calls Australia wide in both metropolitan and country areas.

Credit Reporting

DebtPayable provides our credit providing members with an effective credit assessment tool, designed to assist our members  with their risk management processes in assessing a customer's potential credit.

Process serving

DebtPayable has great experience with and specialises in serving the most difficult of defendants or subjects any claim/summons, notice or legal document Australia wide.


Should our recovery efforts prove necessary DebtPayable is able to carry out repossessions Australia wide in both metropolitan and country areas.

Receivables Management

Our pre-collection phase focuses on the timely payment of accounts.  Helping to increase our members’ cash flow, saving our members time and costs, in an ongoing effort to reduce loss of income through non-payment of accounts.

Warrant of Distraint - SA

DebtPayable is able to provide the notice and enforcement of Warrants of Distraint in relation to commercial leases within South Australia.


“The biggest marketing challenge in the 21st century ... will be the identification or creation of a need that people might have and actually filling that need.”


At DebtPayable we have recognised such a need and have provided a solution.


How DebtPayable Works

DebtPayable has developed a unique proprietary software solution utilised by all aspects of our business including clients, collection staff, field officers, legal staff, management, and debtors. It has been designed to keep clients informed throughout the debt recovery process, allowing for client engagement at any time. Our comprehensive integrated system allows our members to quickly and simply load a new case direct to our collection staff. 


Once a case is loaded onto our system our comprehensive service including debt collection, locations, the recovery of encumbered or secured items, and process serving is all available based on your individual needs. Be assured DebtPayable has the flexibility to fit and work within your unique business parameters.


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