Code of practice


At DebtPayable we not only adhere to all privacy legislation, but also ensure at all times that we meet the privacy expectations of our clients and the individuals utilising and supporting our services.

Data Security, Quality and Transmission

DebtPayable has strict controls in place to ensure information held and transmitted either internally or externally is protected from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. All access to the DebtPayable database is monitored by an audit trail.


DebtPayable respects a person’s right to anonymity and has strict controls in place to protect that right.

Restricted Access to Listings

Access to the DebtPayable debt listing database is restricted to registered credit providers.

Right to Dispute and Correction

Individuals have a right to query and dispute any listings and may apply in writing to correct any listing that they believe to be incorrect.  Where a listing is queried DebtPayable will investigate and where appropriate make any necessary amendments.

Public Awareness

At all times DebtPayable will respect our obligation to maintain client confidentiality and security of data, however we will also remain open in our dealings with the public.


DebtPayable will undertake regular internal audit checks to ensure compliance with this Code of Practice and all privacy and industry legislation.  In addition, DebtPayable will undertake regular audits by independent external auditors.


Client feedback is valuable to DebtPayable. We are dedicated to delivering quality information and providing easy access to our services. Clients and visitors to the DebtPayable web site are invited to provide feedback on our services.Due to the sensitive nature of many of our operations these comments will not be open to public access, unless we are given permission to do so.