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Our Organisation

At DebtPayable we offer an innovative and comprehensive new strategy for debt recovery, credit reporting and investigation services.

Our team is comprised of dedicated members in all areas of operations, from our client service consultants at the face of our business, to our specialist IT staff focused on the  continued development of our platform, as well as our experts in the areas of debt recovery, skip tracing, law, audit, finance, and investigation.

Our board, our professional support staff and our management staff all complete your DebtPayable team.

DebtPayable is a fully licensed and insured, Australian owned and operated company committed to long-term growth by creating successful outcomes for our clients.


We have offices in South Australia and Queensland and we also regularly attend satellite offices in Darwin and Alice Springs, ensuring we can offer many of our services nationwide.


Recover what is rightfully yours 

Our aim is to work with individuals and organisations to recover what is rightfully theirs

We are committed to providing a comprehensive low cost debt collection service that will encourage people to take responsibility for their financial actions and will aid the public good through promoting fair and positive commerce in all sectors of the business community.


Our Beginning

Our founders have over 30 years’ experience in the Debt Collection and Investigation industry.


Having managed some of the most complex cases in South Australia a vision was conceived by which the debt collection, credit reporting and investigation industries could utilise the connectivity and accessibility of the internet to combine services to the advantage of their clients and the general community.

With a practical vision and a wealth of experience, DebtPayable, recruited a team of highly specialised individuals from law enforcement and traditional agencies, together with programmers and analysts to develop the highly sophisticated technology utilised by DebtPayable.


Our Policies

Code of Practice

At DebtPayable we are committed to excellence in the provision of our services. To achieve this high standard we have developed a Code of Practice to frame all actions and decisions at DebtPayable.

Click below to view our Code of Practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

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